Crisis Hits Baja California.

Gas prices hiked at a 20% increase in one day, Protestors took to the streets to block off fuel tankers that were leaving the re fuel stations in Rosarito and other parts of Tijuana Mexico. Over 90% of gas stations In Tijuana are closing down because of this ordeal. This is not just on the border town as it has hit Tecate and other cities in Mexico as well. The Pemex refinery in Rosarito has turned violent when riot police showed up to disperse the protesters. A small yellow pickup is backed up then rammed into the riot police injuring 15 officers and possibly killing 2.

This is not something that happened over night. As Mexico being the world's fourth-largest consumer of gasoline. Car sales through September increased 18 percent on the year, to a record of 1.12 million units, pointing to continued strong demand growth. This has led to a dependent Mexico on U.S oil/petroleum imports to over 900,000 barrels per day (bpd) in 2017. This is more than a 15 Billion dollars a year spent at U.S Refineries such as Valero , Marathon Petroleum and Citgo Petroleum. All of this and the overall demand for fuel has spiked prices in Mexico. The Peso as well hits an all time low at 20.18:1 american dollar. This may not be a problem to those who work across the border in the U.S and live in Mexico. It is devastating to those who live and work in Mexico tho. We will keep you updated as we get more information. Keep resisting , Keep standing for what you believe in. To sing our song we will die rather singing theirs. We are the 99%.

#Mexico #Revolution

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