Josh Fox Breaks Down The Dangers Of DAPL

There is numerous problems that can come from a crude oil pipeline. There has been 123 reported pipeline breaks just in 2016. Along with Frack drilling for oil comes many problems for your health and environmental. We need to put an END to fossil fuels and Look for a better much cleaner way. Renewable resources such as solar, geothermal, wave and tidal , wind, and Bio mass. There are a plethora of ways we can re route the path that we are heading towards now. What is happening at standing rock is vital to our humanity. Peace protestors against corporate america. W need You (the People) to help put an end to this time bomb. If the Pipeline continues to be constructed passing under the Missouri River we will surely face bigger problems in near future. This as well as many problems the government creates will be left for the PEOPLE to clean up. PLEASE INFORM YOURSELF and take ACTION. We ARE ONE, WE ARE COMPONENTS NOT OPPONENTS, ONE LOVE. STANDING ROCK WE STAND WITH YOU .

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