Chester Clap Lands in Tijuana Mexico

Chester clap has been known from his glorious freestyle battle in Spain for many years now. He battled against the best in red bulls Battle of the gallos and now has reached over seas to continue his freestyle battle legacy with the BDM freestyle battle in Tijuana Mexico. We caught up to chester before the battle and asked him a couple of questions :

Pinter: How do you think tonight freestyle battle will go? Are you nervous?

Chester: Well you never know who will show up to these battles, I am confident in my skill. I am not nervous at all. Just excited to see what happens.

Pinter: When was the last time you were in a freestyle battle?

Chester: It has been a couple years now but i am eager to get back into it yet again.

#HipHop #HipHop #Rap #Freestyle #Tijuana #Mexico #Battle

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