Behind the scenes conversation -> Legion X

What genre of music is Legion X? A mix between rap and rock, and psychology. What I call Psychosis Rap.

  • What does rap start as? All rap starts as poetry or an expression of one self.

  • Who writes your songs? What are your songs about? I write all my own songs. My music is politically driven, discussing our environment and the system that governs it.

  • What is the origin of the name, Legion X? Legion X was adopted in 2011. "Legion" reflects that I am who I am because of everyone around me. I wear my heart on my sleeve. Growing up seeing people hurt taught me alot. The X in Legion X, is the unknown, the unassigned limit of those who conitinue to teach me, a part where I never stop learning, X is the variable of the unknown of who will be and come to be.

  • How does music effect you and the world around you? The music tells me everything that is going on in today's world, music is cultural and is constantly being written by those people living through current events. That is what I mean with my music, everything thats happening around me i put it in my music. Music tells us what is happening now and what had happened then.

  • What are the biggest obstacles for Legion X? The biggest obstacle for Legion X is having to put on different hats- rapper/ MC, promotor, sound engineer, show planner, song writer, and treasurer.

  • Could you briefly describe the music making process? With the music making process, first you get the vibe of who and what you are working with beat wise and song topic. The beat speaks to you. The environment has to be right. If you have a good time making the music the music will take a life of its own. There is no exact formula for the music to turn out right. One just has to do it however they feel it is right.

  • How has your music evolved since over time/since you started it? My music has evolved in more than one way. In the beginning, it was all about the dopest rhymes. The more I got involved in the hip hop community, the more I turned to writting a message through music. I eventually got into studio engineering, that included sound engineering and now beat production as well.

  • What advice would you have for people who want to form their own music artist identity or band? You have to be committed to putting in 100 percent of everything you envision. Dedicated 100%! Having faith and fun during the process of building your musical foundation. Things happen you might not expect, like falling out with friends. It's ALOT of hard work. That many do not think about when they first begin this path.

  • Tell us about your next show and when any one should be there? The next show is Eternal, in the Jacumba Hot Springs, California. This is the very first festival we have been invited to play at, front stage and center. As our first music festival appearance, this will be very different from local shows (San Diego and L.A. for example), and through dope word play and performance I will seperate Legion X from the rest of the local scene.

  • What do you think about downloading music online? I encourage people to download it if it speaks to you. Music for profit has a different purpose. When I sell a cd, the music is not for profit but more of a way to connect to regular people. You would be suprised of the people i speak to while i hand out CD's for donations. You feel a real connection to many of those people you would not regularly talk to.

  • How can fans of Legion X gain access to your music? In what ways do you express Legion X through social media? Fans can check out the youtube,, sound cloud and datpiff. Youtube has Music videos that many will find abstract and far out. The website itself is the central crossroads to any one who is affiliated with the mezzamind. There are some amazing artist featured on there other than myself. Soundcloud is striclty music that is upcoming for bigger projects. Datpiff you can download all the mixtapes we put out periodically each year. So much mediums to choose from for getting heard. I LOVE IT!

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