Write About Music...(Poem)

Write about music. Write about how it touches every culture regardless of your point of axis. It's heart depth reach, its lyrical phantom limb. Pitch- Timing- Timbre: how listening to music activates the same circuits as speech. Write about the first time losing your voice, speechless by incident, and how music revived your dead language. Write about how your feet felt walking into your first concert, about the vibrations through your feet that go so far deep in yourself your whole being craves to move in sync. About what it is like to be one with rhythm and the people around you, the notes striking physical and mental unity among stomping feet and unique minds. How the motor cortex produces a readiness potential, meaning the movement starts to happen before a conscious decision; to think how how music is essential to that potential, that oneness. How the tune threads the tension back into us all being composed of the same elements. Write about music not describing emotion, but evoking processes of will you identify with, as if the music was human itself. Making you more human; yourself.

Mezzamind music.

Components not Opponents

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