Call it a cry for social reform.  MezzAminD is a symbol, like the flag a country flies. The flag is the symbol of the loyalty to an art. Our Music is our spiritual identity. We are not Lost – we represent the ideals of an old nation covered in shadows. Truth, freedom and the inspiration of change. Like any symbol, we affix it wherever we go, as you have seen at multiple venues.. 

We have no leaders, captains, or generals.  We are all one. We want to equip people with knowledge through different perspective. The world is in need of help, Your Help. We see it every day – war, poverty, and social injustice. Every day we are bombarded with news and images, as we sit at home safe in to feeling that we are powerless, that “better” minds are dealing with the situation. 

But what if you could be the change you want to see? 
We are tired of waiting for things to get better by placing them in the hands of Those who are 'Better".
In the City we are different.We continue to open the minds of those who walk a life asleep.We are the PEOPLE! Why do we get treated as if we did not matter?

We areThe MezzAminD. 

In today’s world we are misunderstood for how some perceive our music.  Spreading the vibrations of sound, mind and soul. We take away the face and leave only a message. We stand for all who believe in a better tomorrow.

We exist without nationality, skin color or religious bias. 

"They" wage wars, lie to us and try to make us believe it’s for our own good to follow orders from a society that in its best interest is consumerism.  One hidden problem today we believe is this, 


Under the Status-Quo System, the Resources of Our Earth, as well as Production from those Resources, is controlled by a handful of Transnational Corporations. Artificial Scarcity is the condition resulting from the limiting of production of goods and services which would otherwise be plentiful and inexpensive. One way of accomplishing this is through  Planned Obsolescence, a technique we address, specifically, here. Artificial Scarcity has the following effects:

  • It artificially increases the cost, and hence profits, on goods and services that would otherwise be inexpensive.

  • It perpetuates "fear of not having" to keep us running in our "Hamster-Wheel" jobs

  • It makes us fight with each other over things we would otherwise share, due to the illusion that there "isn't enough for everyone." This has the secondary effect of keeping us from looking "up" at who is pulling the strings


What we want is a society and system of delivering goods and service which operates based on creating abundance. Given today's level of technology and availability of energy, many different economic models could easily deliver this result. The primary limiting factor, never spoken of by the Elite's Corporate Media Mouthpieces of the Fake Left and Fake Right, is the policy of Artificial Scarcity imposed on us by a handful of Elite families who wish to maintain the Privileges of Feudalism.

Yet we’re the criminals? Yet we're the bad guys who they use yet again for a diversion to the bigger scheme of those behind the curtain.

They fear us because they do not understand us. They see the results of what  we fight for but not the minds behind it. 
We are not vigilantes. We are not criminals. We are your mothers and fathers, brothers and sisters, next-door neighbors. We are the labor force, we are the working class and we are the people.

We are anyone and everyone who is MAD and is tired of being kept at the bottom of the totem pole in disregard to our lives.

 The MezzAminD Movement isn’t a 2-person thing. It requires many of people just like you to make it work – beleivers. The only way a MezzAminD Movement can sustain itself is through self support.

I’m not going to tell you that we are right or wrong. That is up to you to decide. The only thing I ask is just for one minute, just for one second, think! 

> We are The MezzAminD We Are M.A.D
Will you join the resistance for our existence!?


© 2015 MezzAminD Music HQ Components not Opponents

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